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Meet Our Staff

Adrianne V., Administrative Assistant

Adrianne, nicknamed Peanut in the office, is one of our Administrative Assistants with a focus in financing. She has been a part of the CDG family for the past three years. In her position she deals directly with everyone from patients to vendors, and closely with the staff to keep our office running smoothly. You will see her behind the front desk working on various tasks; collecting from patients, scheduling and you may even see her in your operatory when she chips in dental assisting if someone is out. She is the ultimate multitasker. Adrianne has been blessed with four beautiful daughters, who are all almost taller than she is. Where do you think she got the nickname Peanut from? In her free time she enjoys being with her family and bonding with her daughters. Her favorite color is cheetah or leopard print, favorite music genre is pop, favorite travel destinations are Florida and Hawaii, favorite drink is Pepsi (she doesn’t start the day without one) and she likes any kind of food.

Antonia M., Administrative Assistant

Antonia is our Administrative Assistant here at Concierge Dental Group. She goes by Toni and she is the first face you seen when coming into our tranquil practice. Toni deals directly with our patients making sure they are taken care of to the highest quality from the first moment they set foot in our foyer. She calls our patients and keeps up to date on records, appointments and files. Her professional education is a dual degree in Management and Marketing from Canisius College. She has been residing in Buffalo NY for the last nine years, She currently resides in Depew with her husband Aleks and their three cats; Scooter, Stella and Snickers. In their free time they enjoy being together amongst family and friends and especially being outside gardening in the summertime. They are currently planning a trip to Europe in the near future and anxiously await the travel. She is the first smile you see when you come in and the last one when you leave, striving to keep our patients content from start to finish, is the perfect person for a warm welcome and a safe send off.

Chloe M., Practice Outreach Coordinator

Chloe is one of our rising stars here at Concierge Dental Group, as our Practice Outreach Coordinator. She relocated to the Buffalo area in June of 2014 from Dallas Texas. She lives with her boyfriend Kyle, who is her childhood sweetheart, and their dog /baby Kassie, who is the highlight of their life. She has a background in Personal Assisting, Customer Relations, Sales and Hospitality. Her educational background is primarily around arts and is currently in progress of obtaining a Bachelors of Arts focused in the History of Photography in addition to her Associates in general studies with a focus in English Literature. Her position here is behind the scenes assisting the practice and patients to achieve their goals and maintaining happiness and smiles all around. In her free time she enjoys traveling to Hawaii California and Texas to be with family, outdoor activities, cooking/baking, crafts and taking care of people. Her favorite color is pink, favorite drink is un-sweet mango iced tea, favorite food Caesar salad, and her favorite season is autumn. Having been in our family here for a year she is eager to learn more and grow with the practice. She has a southern charm and generous mentality that adds a unique and caring quality to her various projects, and comes in handy while assisting patients.

Agnes D., Registered Dental Hygienist

Agnes obtained an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Dental Hygiene in 2002 and has thorough experience in general and periodontal therapy. She has been a part of Concierge Dental Group since its opening and is committed to providing exceptional patient care. Agnes is an active member of the American Academy of Dental Hygienists’ Association and takes pride in publishing and keeping informed on the newest technologies in treating her patients.




Audrey K., Registered Dental Hygienist

Audrey has been practicing dental hygiene for over 13 years. She has worked extensively with periodontal disease. Audrey believes with her knowledge and experience she will be able to assist in educating and informing patients about periodontal disease as well as helping her patients maintain overall oral health.





Gwyn K., Lead Dental Assistant

Gwyn is our Lead Dental Assistant here at Concierge Dental Group. She has been working closely with Dr. Ben and our practice for over ten years. She also has a background in cosmetology. In her time outside of work she enjoys spending time with family and friends she owns two Great Danes name Vera and Gracie, the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet! Gwyn is also an avid crafter and loves fine arts and tattoos. Her favorite place to vacation would be anywhere tropical, her favorite insect is a dragonfly, and her favorite drink is coffee. She has the calmest demeanor making any procedure and appointment breeze by while working hard to complete the treatments done by her assistance. She is the sister of Lyndsay our Office Manager and the amazing Aunt of Logan who is two years old as well as the newest edition her niece Emma Mae. With her passion for people and her professionalism any encounter with Gwyn is pleasantly memorable.

Katie M., Dental Assistant

Katie is one of our five lovely Dental Assistants at CDG. She has been here for the past six years. Katie grew up in Alden NY and is where she fell in love with the outdoors and laid back country lifestyle. Katie loves her family, being out in the country, animals and food. Katie and her husband Jacob have a puppy named Titan. Titan is a Blue Pitbull; he shares the love in the household along with some other pets. The Monkelbaan family also owns chickens and turkeys with plans to expand their little clan with more animals. In her free time Katie enjoys spending time with her husband outdoors, tending her garden of flowers and vegetables, cooking and tasting her culinary delights along with taking care of her family. Katie is one of many who have a unique personality and skillset that sets her apart from the crowd. With a warm and inviting smile she helps our patients relax in the chair for treatments. She looks forward to the years ahead with Concierge Dental Group!

Shari V., Dental Assistant

Shari is one of our six very talented Dental Assistants; you will primarily see her for the surgical or consultation appointments, though she is no stranger to basic assisting. Any encounter with her in our office is always given with a warm smile. Shari sets the care for her patients on the highest of priorities and is always on top of making sure your needs are met and that you are comfortable in the chair. She has been a Dental Assistant for twenty three years and with CDG for six years. Shari has a real passion for helping people achieve their desired smile. She also has a background in cosmetology. She is the definition of a people person. She has four children ages 23, 22, 18 and 14. She also has three Chihuahua’s but her favorite by far is her Chihuahua named Chloe. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her kids and her dogs the most. Shari also has a side business decorating cakes professionally for various events. Her favorite food is French fries, and her favorite movie Girl Interrupted. With over twenty years of experience in the field of dentistry Shari is a rare veteran of experience who always makes sure her patients are treated like a celebrity while in her care.

Caitlyn C., Dental Assistant

Caitlyn is one of our Dental Assistants here are Concierge Dental Group. She has a background in the beauty industry and an educational background in Aesthetics. In her free time away from the office she spends time with her boyfriend Alex and her 12 year old son Shane and 1 month daughter Stella along with their two dogs Dahlia and Raven. Her favorite place to travel is to Maine, favorite band is Pink Floyd, and her favorite color is green. Some of her seasonal hobbies include hiking in the spring and summer months and games during fall and winter. We are so excited to have Caitlyn be a part our family she has an incredible gift with patients and people and is a joy to work with!


Emily M., Dental Assistant

Emily is one of our newest editions to our Dental Assistant Team and our little family here at CDG! She came to us in the early spring she has settled into our practice just like a second home! Emily is always smiling big and bright with an eagerness and passion to help new patients settle in comfortably and keep those smiles on everyone’s faces. She achieves this with her humor, her calming demeanor and efficiency. She comes from a large family and has plans to become a Dental Hygienist in the near future! In her free time Emily enjoys doing yoga, she loves to go running as well as doing anything outdoors from camping to hiking or just plain fresh air and soaking up the sun out in the country! As for those snowy or rainy days she loves to keep up with the NHL and watch a scary movie or two! With her being family oriented and a social butterfly she is a gem and we are more than please to have her on our team! Be sure to say hello to Emily when she is assisting all three of our doctors in your care! She will be a positive touch of light added to your day!

Noel N., Dental Assistant

Noel is one of our newest additions to our CDG family; she is a part of our Dental Assistant Team. Noel began her training with Emily in the early spring, much like all of our lovely assistants she has caught on very quickly! Noel has a background in the hospitality industry and previously worked for one of the resorts at Walt Disney World. Noel is kind, patient and has a calming essence to soothe any dental anxieties anyone might be experiencing. In her free time she enjoys spending most of her time amongst family and friends, and she loves to play with her Beagle named Bella. She also is an avid runner and golfer! Basically anything outdoors she is there with a smile on her face! As far as her future plans with us she would like to further her dental education and go to school to be a Dental Hygienist! With her warm and inviting personality it sets her assisting style apart from others and truly comforts all parties in our care. Noel’s favorite food is pizza, her favorite color is pink and her dream vacation would be to the Caribbean! Be sure to say hello and welcome her to the family whether she is assisting one of our three doctors or just passing by! With her kindness, ability to adapt, and bright smile she is a ray of sunshine added to everyone’s day and we are very pleased to have her on our team!

Marialin G., Dental Assistant

Mari is one of our newest Dental Assistant editions to our family here at Concierge Dental Group! Mari is a ray of sunshine added to our office she has an incredible gift with people and it shows in her personality and hard work. You will see her working closely with the doctors and other assistants to ensure the highest quality of care is given to each patient! She lived in NYC for one year obtaining a license for freelance make up artistry in the midst, she enjoyed the culture and various events she was able to participate in. Though she loved the electric hustle and bustle of the city she came back to her roots in Buffalo to settle down with her longtime boyfriend and their puppy! Being the middle child and only girl Mari has the ability to hang tough and execute some of the most difficult procedures and situations with grace. In her free time she enjoys decorating cakes, free lance makeup and anything from zip lining to sky diving, she loves to get that true adrenaline rush! Her favorite color changes with her mood, and her favorite food to eat are tacos!

Jordan O., Lead Dental Technician

Jordan has been with CDG for 3 years. He is one of four of Dr. Ben’s brothers, Husband to his beautiful wife Donatella and father to his son Ethan who is five! His family also has a dog named Shiva who is a Shiva Lhasa Apso breed. Jordan’s educational and work backgrounds are in Computer Sciences, giving him a solid foundation to take on any in house jobs that may be directed his way. While he is in the back of our practice you can count on a friendly smile or wave passing by. His favorite food is Sushi but primarily his wife’s Italian cooking. In his spare time aside from being with his family and friends his hobbies are computers and the latest technology!




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