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Mini Dental Implants (or MDIs) are titanium alloy implants approximately half the size of traditional implants, and may be a viable tooth replacement option where traditional implants are not possible or present too many complications. Like their traditional counterparts, MDIs serve the same function: effectively performing the same function as the root of a tooth, the device acts as the anchor for a replacement tooth, or to secure other dental prosthetics. Additionally, they match the success rate of traditional implant procedures.

Mini Dental Implants may be a preferable solution to tooth loss in cases where bone thickness or quality is an issue for a patient, or there is simply not enough room to place a traditional implant. Mini Dental Implants offer all of the advantages of traditional dental implants, with several added features. Aside from opening up candidacy requirements for individuals who may not have been ideal for the traditional procedure, the small size of the MDI also allows for a more expedient recovery time. The surgical process is much less invasive as it does not usually require cutting a flap in the gingiva, and the smaller hole into which the mini dental implant is placed requires less drilling. MDIs reduce the need for bone grafts in order to situate an implant, and the surgical procedure itself can often be done simply under a local anesthetic. Depending on the number of implants, the procedure only takes a short while to perform, and an implantation can be completed in less than two hours. Due to the shortened surgical times and healing periods, and the fewer stages involved in the implantation procedure, mini dental implants also offer a less expensive option for tooth replacement.

Mini Dental Implants are of particular usefulness to patients looking for more stability in their lower dentures. Patients with dentures often suffer from a lack of bone density that is considered optimal for traditional implants, and would normally require bone grafting in order to undergo the implant procedure. However, because of the mini dental implants small size and great support, they are ideal to aiding patients who are seeking a solution to securing dentures more effectively.

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