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Building Trust With Your Dentist

Building Trust With Your Dentist

Building Trust With Your Dentist

That’s really what it amounts to is trust. Your relationship as a patient with your practitioner, whether it be dentistry or really anything, I think that one of the things that Concierge dental Group does great is building this foundation of trust.  

Modern dentistry, especially with the current applications, we’re doing some pretty fantastic things. And you really have to have trust in your provider. In order to really achieve that, not only does the dentist have to have experience, expertise in an area, understand the breadth and the scope of that field whichever we’re talking about. Not only do they have to have that background knowledge, but I think they also have to take the time and have the time with their patients to really understand what the patient goals are. You’re choosing an expert to help you,  that you trust. I think that most of our patients would say, especially many of my patients would say, “I trust you, Dr. Ben, to make this decision with me and for me”. That is how we make the biggest impact for our patients. Understanding the goals is the critical, most important part of my conversation. My initial consultation with our patients, I don’t even look at the x-rays at first. I really want to look at the person and hear from the person. All the dentists at Concierge Dental Group understand that we’ve had many conversations as a team about how we address our patients.  

Really spend time interviewing your dentists if they’re willing to spend time with you, hearing what you are trying to achieve, and as a patient know what your goals are going in. Even if it’s just, “I don’t like this edge, that’s crooked”, or “This tooth is chipped. I want that fixed”. Try to allow that relationship to develop so that you can trust the dentist. If your expectations were you were going to have an implant or you were just going to have a little filling or something, and the dentist says, “That’s not going to solve your problem”. This is a better way to do it., and you’ve built that foundation of trust. 

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