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Can You Use Mini Dental Implants Right Away?

how long until i can use my mini dental implant

Can You Use Mini Dental Implants Right Away?

You are able to use some mini dental implants right away. Again, it has more to do with the way in which they’re used. Let’s take Dentures, for example. A lot of the forces on implants plants that are destructive in general are these lateral forces, the forces from the sides. When we’re putting mini-implants in and we are snapping in a denture right away, the type of attachment is a resilient attachment. It’s got an o-ring in there and it’s almost protective in nature. It’s not really jarring or smacking into the prosthetic, the denture itself. It’s almost healing as it’s being used. There are no forces on that implant that are extraordinary forces. So, if you’re using a mini-implant or a standard implant and again, they’re used in a way in which we’ll tolerate what we call biomechanics, then they can be used immediately. They heal in about three months in total. That’s like from a microscopic perspective.  

If you were to look at under a microscope what it looks like and what a healed implant looks like versus an immediately placed implant, you see the bone attaching a little differently. But, the utilization of the implant can happen right away because of, again, the techniques and the circumstances surrounding the way it’s being used. 

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