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How Long Do Mini Dental Implants Take to Heal?

how long do mini dental implants take to heal

How Long Do Mini Dental Implants Take to Heal?

Mini dental implants, like standard implants, heal in the same amount of time. The healing process is called osteointegration. It’s where the bone attaches to the surface texture of these dental implants. The way that I explain it to dentists is, the bone doesn’t know the size of the implant that it’s attaching itself to. The bone cell is very small.   

The real question probably is, why can we use mini implants so quickly following the placement, whereas oftentimes with standard implants, they have to be buried or out of the way for a little while. There are techniques associated with placing those two styles of implants. Additionally, the types of parts and the connections that are used in the implants afford it different opportunities. Immediate placement and immediate use of implants can be done more readily based on the techniques and the way in which the mini implants are used compared to standard implants in most situations. That being said, standard implants are often used immediately when the conditions are appropriate.  

So, I would say that how long do mini implants take to heal? They take about the same amount of time as standard implants, but their use and utilization and the different options that we have, that’s really the special feature. And that’s why we use both mini implants and standard implants often. We have a rainbow of different implants- or a big toolbox filled with different tools. We have mini implants and standard implants. We have ultra wide implants and short implants. We have implants for just about every circumstance. What I think that we found and what the research shows is when used appropriately, mini implants, standard implants, the ultra wides, the ultra shorts, when used appropriately, can last a very long time and heal beautifully and can serve a really important purpose.  

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