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Video: Clear Aligner Options

Video: Clear Aligner Options

Most people understand the category of clear aligners as, dominated in the marketplace with Invisalign®. There’s also another brand called ClearCorrect® And virtually every dental lab now, with the popularity of 3D printing, which is really the cornerstone, it’s both the computing power and design tools and the 3D printer outputs that allow just about anyone to do it. 

You can have your own brand of clear aligners if you want to and print them at home. But second best to that is something that we just recently identified as a very exciting opportunity for patients to have clear aligners and do self-monitoring. So, instead of getting a box of trays like you may have seen on television in the past and direct-to-consumer products, this is a AI monitored tool where you can take your cell phone and put it in a, camera box that is made for your mouth, and take pictures of your progress as you go through the process of aligners. 

So essentially, your dentist is going to take these aligners and make sure that they fit right at the get-go, scan you in their office, take care of you, and then send you home. You could do essentially the entire time without visiting the dentist because the dentist like us will see the monitoring. You’ll actually be taking photographs of your own progress, and it’ll tell you how to progress and gives you all the feedback. We record all that information in our chart notes and if there’s an issue, we’ll get notified and we’ll give you a call and have you come in. So, in my mind, this is the best of both worlds. To be able to have a clear aligner product and the best news, I guess for you is, it’s less expensive. 

We can really reduce the costs of this and be able to promote a really great product and offer a really great product to you. The results are amazing and we love what we’re seeing with this product. So, if you’d like to try a different version of Invisalign®, a different version of clear aligners, come in, and let’s talk about CandidPro®. 

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