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Cosmetic Dentistry at Concierge

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Cosmetic Dentistry at Concierge

Just about everybody wants to have a great smile, and although cosmetic dentistry is a term we’ve been using over the last few decades, everything that we do nowadays in dentistry and especially in the concierge dental group is cosmetic or esthetic in one way or another. We use all ceramic restorations. We use white-colored fillings or tooth-colored fillings. 

And it’s important for us that we not only get a disease-free and functional result but also a beautiful smile. So whether it be veneers or crowns or implant restoration, as they’re all going to be cosmetic in our group, some of the technology we use helps accentuate the cosmetic result. We can preview these cases in 3-D on our computers. 

We can do virtual smile designs for patients and even prototype temporary teeth that give you a concept of what the teeth are going to look like. I commonly do that, and we can even make modifications in the mouth so that the proper length, size, shape, color, all those factors are dialed in to just what you’re looking for when you end up with the final result. 

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