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Modern Dental Impressions

Modern Dental Impressions

Modern Dental Impressions

If you ever have concerns about dental impressions, worry no more. With our Intraoral scanners that we use today, it takes no impression material all to capture a perfect image of your teeth. For manufacturing of a beautiful, high quality restoration with precise fit. 

The Old Way: Challenges with Traditional Impressions

Traditionally, dental impressions have been an essential yet often dreaded part of dental care. The process involved filling a tray with a gooey material and pressing it against the teeth, holding it in place until it sets. This method, while effective, had several downsides: 

  • Discomfort and gagging for patients 
  • Longer chair time 
  • Potential inaccuracies in impressions 
  • A lengthy process of sending molds to labs and waiting for their return 

The Revolutionary Change: Intraoral Scanners 

At Concierge Dental, we’ve adopted intraoral scanners, a groundbreaking tool in digital dentistry. This technology allows us to take digital impressions of our patients’ teeth quickly and comfortably.

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