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Testimonial: Caryl

caryl testimonial

Testimonial: Caryl

Uh, I heard about Dr. Oppenheimer, um, through the newspaper. So I thought I would come to the office, make an appointment and, um, see what he could do for me. I felt very comfortable. Um, the lady that greeted me at the door was, uh, very kind and that made me feel more at ease. Um, because I had a problem going to dentist in the past. I was very nervous about it and they took me and they did a full mouth x-ray and they sat me down. And doc Ben went through everything with me and he just made me feel, um, so comfortable. I mean, his bedside manner is incredible. And we talked, he told me my options. He let me think about it. I went home, I thought about it. And within a day and a half, I called him back and said, I wanna do this.  

Um, what he did for me was he gave me a full upper plate. Um, he whiten them my bottom. He extracted all of my teeth. He put in four implants that I have to say was painless. He even, even when he put the, um, injections in me, the Novo can, I did not feel that. And I have to tell you, I suffer from anxiety and his, his staff was so great with me. They were so patient, they took the time to talk with me, to make me feel relaxed and I did. And, uh, then he put a full lower plate in that, uh, attaches to the implants and I can smile and feel good about my smile. I can eat and not worry about my teeth hurting cuz a lot of them were loose and I just, it was overall, it was a great experience coming to this office and I really would recommend it to anyone’s staff just makes you feel so comfortable.  

And there have been times since my, um, since my procedure that I’ve had to come back for a little bit of an adjustment, which is normal. And even then I could just walk right in and they took me right away and everybody has a smile. They just make you feel really good here. And knowing from my PS experience with dentists and having the fear and that going for so many years, you know, I just felt, I look forward to coming here to be honest with you. <laugh> because they’re just so great. They really are. And, and I’m, I’m, I’m just telling the truth. I mean, I feel really comfortable here. So I would recommend D Ben and doc Julia to anyone because, um, you know, they know what they’re doing. They make you feel very relaxed and they’re just, um, they’re a great team. They’re a great team. 

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