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Testimonial: Gertrude

gertrude testimonial

Testimonial: Gertrude

I made an appointment and it was over on Edgar road when he had the office over there. And when I came in, I sat in the chair just like I am now. And he sat there and he explained everything to me in detail. I had seven teeth pulled. I never felt one bit of pain. Never. I never, I never knew that I could have seven teeth pulled and not have any pain in it. After that. I just never had any problems anymore. And it’s been four years, over four years, it was four years in June that I’ve had them in. I can’t tell you how the service and how compassionate he was and how kind he was and everything he had in all the girls in the office. I’ve never seen such girls that were smiling and happy. I mean, everybody’s happy all the time.

I have never seen another dentist office, this spectacular, and everybody I know that comes here. Now. My whole family comes, you know, the whole, all of my son and my daughter and my granddaughter. And I’ll tell you one thing, I have never had anything so comfortable in my life. I would’ve paid double for what I paid for the comfort that I’ve had. I’ve had ’em four years now and I’ve been wanting to give them another testimony. This has given me a good chance for it too, because, uh, I mean, you can’t afford not to get ’em. I mean, you have to have them. How can you go with any other kind of teeth, but that, and I’ve never in the four years I’ve had them. I’ve never, ever hit any difficulty. I eat apples. I eat corn, a cob, you name it, there isn’t anything. I can’t eat steak, nothing. And I’ve still got the same ones from four years ago. So what can I say, except that I love him and I love what he does. And he’s just so great. And he’s so compassionate. You just don’t find another dentist anywhere. You could look for a million years and you wouldn’t find one. 

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