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Testimonial: Lorraine

Lorraine testimonial

Testimonial: Lorraine

Always going to the dentist is always a fear for most people. For some reason, when I came here, he was so confident in what he was doing and saying that I really didn’t fear the procedure that was going to be done. I did need implants because I had a partial, uh, that was in my mouth for about 35 years and it suddenly got loose and it came out. So I had a four teeth vacancy in my mouth, so I needed something replaced. I didn’t want dancers because I was afraid that I may not like them. So I decided to have implants put in, uh, the staff here is fantastic. I have to say the, all the people that have, that I have met here have been wonderful, very comforting, very reassuring. And I’ll even hold my hand if I wanted it. And sometimes I did because sometimes I felt like it was gonna be bad, but it wasn’t. And all the, all the people here were wonderful. I have to say Dr. Oppenheimer and his staff have been extremely gracious and I would certainly recommend them to everyone who needed dental work done. 

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