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Testimonial: Michael

michael Testimonial

Testimonial: Michael

Well, um, I was looking for a dentist because I had a problem. Um, I had fractured my tooth and I immediately didn’t have a dentist at the time. So I went to Google. Um, I searched for a dentist. I read some of his reviews and I decided to give him a call. When I, when I first expected to come into the dental office, I expected to see what I normally had seen in a dental office. And that is, um, a receptionist. Who’s really not all that excited to see me, um, to sit down in the chair and an uncomfortable chair and wait 20 to 30 minutes before going in to see the doctor, uh, that wasn’t the case at concierge dental group. Uh, when I came in, everybody was friendly. I was offered coffee or tea, which is very unusual. Um, and I was sitting down for not even five minutes.  


I almost didn’t even have enough time to fill out my new patient paperwork. Um, and what I, what I thought was very different about this office is the compassion. Um, I was expecting to be told what needed to be done. And then that was that, uh, Dr. Ben especially was, uh, very warm and, and concerned about my problems and what was wrong and what was concerning me, not so much as to tell me this is what you have to do and that’s it. So I, I felt very comfortable and at ease when, when I was talking to him about, uh, the procedure that was going to take place and what, what my choices would be. So I think that, uh, at concierge dental group, uh, people care, um, about your wellbeing and your satisfaction, as opposed to, uh, just being an authority and telling you what you have to do.  

And that’s that. Uh, so I felt that that’s what set this office apart from every other office that I’ve, that I’ve been to in the past. And not only that, but the place is gorgeous. I mean, they obviously put a lot of thought into the atmosphere, the surroundings and what they wanted to portray in their dental work. So it’s not just, you know, walls with pictures, hanging on them, everything is strategically placed. Uh, there’s lovely people that work here. Um, and it’s, it’s extremely comfortable, even the chair, uh, that I’m sitting in right now that I sat in when I got my procedure done is comfortable. Um, there’s a lot of thought that went into the development of this practice, I believe. Um, and it certainly shows through in the work. Um, and as a matter of fact, I’m always carrying around a stack of Dr. Ben’s business cards. And anytime I talk to somebody and they always ask, uh, if I may, you know, maybe what’s going on and I’ll, I went to the dentist, I need to, to, uh, have some work done and that’ll come up in discussion. I’ll be very happy to pass out Dr. Ben’s cards to all my friends and family. Um, a lot of my friends and family are current patients here. Uh, so I’m, I’m a huge fan and I would recommend Dr. Ben to anybody. 

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