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What Different Types of Dental Implants Are There?

what different types of dental implants are there

What Different Types of Dental Implants Are There?

Dental implants are made all over the world. It’s up to your dentist to determine what manufacturer that they want to choose and where they’re manufactured. It’s very important to us as many implants are made all over the world now. It’s important for us in dentistry to choose products that are FDA approved. I think that that’s basically the bottom line. 

FDA Approved Dental Implants 

Does the federal government in the United States approve the use of these products and certainly that’s a basic standard that we use. Other than that, there’s pretty excellent products that are manufactured all over the globe. Some of the standards are lower than others. We’ve got implants that are manufactured in Germany, in the United States, of course, some in Israel. These countries manufacture very high-quality dental implants for us. So, I think that there’s a couple of things to remember when considering this. The questions are, are the dental implants that we’re using made it to the standard that is up to standard for the United States. And I think that that’s really an important one. Whether they’re manufactured in the United States or FDA approved for use in the United States, that should be a bare minimum standard.  

There is also another standard that I think that even in many, many ways supersedes the need for some of this location of manufacture is the type of interface and the availability of the parts and pieces and products that can connect to these implants. Because you see, a dental implant in and of itself is really just a screw with an interface on there. Imagine it is like an anchor and what you put on top of that anchor is what we call the active portion. The active portion of the implant is the thing that matters to you. It’s the tooth, it’s the snap, it’s the connector piece. It’s the piece that does the thing that you want it to do. In order to have that be flexible, your life can be complicated, you know, and you may travel or you may live in Buffalo or western New York. You may live in a different part of the country, and when you move, the point is this you’re going to want to have whichever dentist that sees you in the future to service something if you need service on it, be able to take one look and say, “Ah, I know exactly what this interface is. This is one of the common ones. This is one of the ones that we all understand and it’s easy to get and it’s not very expensive comparatively”. So, having a universal fit is also another thing to consider. 

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