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What Do Dental Implants Look Like?

what different type of implants are there

What Do Dental Implants Look Like?

Most dental implants these days look like a machine screw. Depending on the company, there’s a lot of different ways that they’re going to show their personality. The threads of the screws can have undulations and they can have little breaks in them. They can have different shapes and sizes. Most importantly to patients is not necessarily the way that the screws engineered, although it matters to patients depending on the type of application that we’re trying to achieve. 

You may think that there’s only really one application for a dental implant, but there can be very many. Some dental implants we want to be engineered specifically to hold an individual tooth or to hold an anchor for a bridge or even to hold a denture in place. The type of dental implants in many ways are like different types of tools that we have, products that we have to build houses, so different types of screws to hold and different pieces of a structure. 

It’s actually a very interesting engineering concept. But again, most patients are thinking, what is this screw used for in my application? And I think when we think dental implants, we don’t necessarily think about the screw. What we’re thinking about more than the screw is the tooth. So, when we think dental implants, I think most people, patients think about the tooth, and the overall solution is what we’re thinking about. 

I think it’s also important to notice that dentists should be doing a good job picking what type of dental implant, shape, size, diameter, thread, pattern interface, all the flexibility that could be in to are used in this dental implant to solve the problem for the patient. So having a bigger toolbox as a dentist with a lot of experience with dental implants, that’s I think really the most important part of this. 

When choosing a dentist to figure out what type of dental implant you should have, make sure you choose one that has a lot of flexibility and a wide range of offerings available to you. 

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