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Getting Implants: Step 1

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Getting Implants: Step 1

So, now that you’re here, let me tell you that the easiest way to come in and see us is to use our online scheduler. After you sign up for a free consultation, you’ll be able to pick the date and time of your choosing so that you can visit us. When you come in for your visit, you will be met with one of our dental assistants, who will get you in for a 3D cone beam X-ray at no charge to you. 

You’ll be seated in one of our dental chairs, and one of our dentists will come over and ask you questions about your needs. It’s really important for us to know what’s bothering you. We want to focus on that issue that you’re having. So if it’s one tooth or a number of teeth, we’ll focus in that area for you. 

We’ll look at your X-rays, we’ll look in your mouth, and we’ll create a plan that’s custom for you again, based on your interests and your needs. After that plan is created, you will be met with one of our treatment coordinators. They’ll talk to you about dental insurance questions, financing options, payment plans, or any other scheduling questions that you have. 

But our goal is to make sure that at the end of that first visit, you have a very clear picture on what it is that’s going to be accomplished, the timeline and the costs. 

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