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What Are Mini Dental Implants?

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What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Many dental implants are thinner titanium screws. That’s what makes them mini. They’re thinner than tradition or a standard category. If we’re thinking about the measurements, it would be less than 3.2/3.3 millimeters in diameter. Many implants are generally longer, so they look like a long threaded pin, essentially. As such, they’re used in various ways that are slightly different than standard dental implants. 

Most many dental implants are one-piece dental implants. That means that the implant body, the portion the patient does not see that goes underneath the gum line, is really into the bone. That threaded portion is already pre-connected to the active portion, the abutment portion of the implant. That active portion can be of various shapes and sizes. Some have a snap built into it, a male snap like a shirt snap, a click snap. 

Some have an extended ball-shaped attachment for a ball and socket type of attachment. Those would both be for removable types of devices. Additionally, there are some that are shaped like an abutment portion of a crown preparation, so the outline of what would be a tooth after being prepared for a crown to fit on top. So, if we think about that, from one minute, the shape of a tooth is reduced and a tooth is reduced to put a porcelain shell or a crown or a cap on top of it to make it look like the tooth. 

You need enough thickness for that porcelain to sustain and to look good. And so these dental implants can have a pose that comes out of the gum that will allow a crown to fit on and have enough room for the beauty of the tooth to the natural look of the tooth to show up. 

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