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Will My Insurance Cover Implants?

will insurance cover implants dr ben concierge

Will My Insurance Cover Implants?

Will my insurance company cover this? More and more dental insurances are covering dental implants because they also understand that this strategy is becoming standard of care for many patients in many circumstances, and we can’t really neglect it anymore. We can’t say that, it’s a cosmetic procedure. So one of the things that we did at Concierge Dental Group was we decided that as we saw more and more insurance companies participating with dental implant coverage codes, we started adding on and being able to participate with more and more insurance companies that would do this.

So we know we use dental implants. Initially, when I got involved. Very few dental insurance companies, if any, were having any coverage for these specific codes in the dental implant realm. And now more and more are and we’re I’m really happy about that. And that’s why what you’ll find is that we participate with most insurance plans now, and most of the ones that we do participate with have dental implant coverage.

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