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Getting Implants: Step 2

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Getting Implants: Step 2

Your next step, and we’re so excited for your next step and that you’ve begun your journey already- but, your next step is going to be to come into our office and have our initial records made. You see, with dental implant treatment, it’s really important that we get all the details right. So, we do an initial assessment at that visit. We’ll take digital scans of your mouth. Intraoral scans.  

After I get all of those records, then we provide a virtual surgery. I’ll take all the information. We’ll compile it on the computer. And I use a special program to help plan for where the implant is going to be. This is a safe and a really effective way of getting great results every time. Many of our patients also choose the sedation options that we have to offer. 

If that’s you, we will sign all of the consent forms ahead of time. We’ll go through everything with you prior to the surgery so that you don’t have to think about it on that day. Once all of that is accomplished, all the information is sent over to our laboratory, and we’ll have everything produced for you, custom for you before your visit. 

So you can come in, you can have the work done, and all of our patients leave with teeth that same day. 

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