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Getting Implants: Step 3

dr ben part 3

Getting Implants: Step 3

Okay, so it’s dental implant day. We’ve got everything all set for you. Some patients are nervous. That’s natural. We’re here to make you feel very comfortable. We’ve done this hundreds, if not thousands of times. Here’s what you can expect when you come in. You’ll be whisked away to our chair. You’ll have a seat. We’ll put some topical gel down before the injections. 

We’ll keep it really easy for you so that you get completely numb. That’s one thing that everybody wants to know. I don’t want to feel a thing. One of the things that I say that we can guarantee is that we will not work on you if you’re feeling any pain at all. So we’ll add as much anesthetic as we need to make you very comfortable. 

So after you’re numb, then just leave it up to us. We’ll take it from here. We’ll get you through it in as fast and efficient way as we can. And you’ll come out on the other side, leaving with a set of teeth.

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