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What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Many dental implants are thinner titanium screws. That’s what makes them mini. They’re thinner than tradition or a standard category. If we’re thinking about the measurements, it would be less than 3.2/3.3 millimeters in diameter. Many implants […]

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Getting Implants: Step 5

Okay. So, today’s the day you’re getting your final set of teeth. Here’s what you’re going to expect.   You’re going to come back into the office. We’re going to have everything all laid out. We may use […]

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Getting Implants: Step 4

Okay, so you’ve had the procedure done, and now you’re in the healing phase. After we do this work, the gums will swell a little, and then they’ll shrink up. The implants will need some time to […]

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Getting Implants: Step 3

Okay, so it’s dental implant day. We’ve got everything all set for you. Some patients are nervous. That’s natural. We’re here to make you feel very comfortable. We’ve done this hundreds, if not thousands of times. Here’s […]

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Getting Implants: Step 2

Your next step, and we’re so excited for your next step and that you’ve begun your journey already- but, your next step is going to be to come into our office and have our initial records made. […]

Gum Health’s Impact on Periodontal Disease

Most of the time, as patients, there’s a thought that “I have a toothache,” “My tooth doesn’t look right,” or “something’s going on with, say, ‘I see a black spot,’ and we kind of neglect the gums. […]

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Getting Implants: Step 1

So, now that you’re here, let me tell you that the easiest way to come in and see us is to use our online scheduler. After you sign up for a free consultation, you’ll be able to […]

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Overcoming Dental Fear: Come Visit Us

Dental insurance is a barrier of entry for so many patients. When you have dental insurance, and you’re able to take advantage of that and use that, then there’s even an additional layer of fear that sometimes […]

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Will My Insurance Company Cover This?

More and more dental insurances are covering dental implants because they also understand that this strategy is becoming standard of care for many patients in many circumstances. We can’t really neglect it anymore. We can’t say that, […]

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